Personal Injury


Dependable advice after an accident in Ocean County

If you or a loved one have been in an accident that caused injury, you may need to seek compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation and emotional pain and suffering. If you’re dealing with this situation, call on the skilled Toms River personal injury attorneys at Berry, Sahradnik, Kotzas & Benson, P.C. We are always honest with you, and examine your case and tell you upfront your chances of success. If we believe you have a strong claim, we provide exceptional counsel as we help you seek the monetary damages you need and deserve.

The most common personal injury issues

At our firm, we work with people suffering from many different injuries stemming from a wide range of accidents. The following are some of the most common:

Auto accidents.

These accidents happen all the time in New Jersey and make up a majority of the cases we see. Common causes of car crashes include distracted driving, speeding, driving while intoxicated and failure to yield.

Slip and fall.

When property owners fail to maintain safe premises for customers and guests, serious injuries may result. We help with premises liability claims related to slips and falls and other hazards.

Product liability.

Manufacturers of potentially dangerous products must adequately warn the public through warning labels or recalls. Failure to do so often results in serious injuries, even if you were using the product as intended.

Workplace accidents.

If you’ve been injured at work, you should receive benefits to cover any time you need to miss from work, medical expenses and other costs. Sometimes it takes a skilled attorney to get what you need from your employer’s workers’ compensation insurer, however.

There are many different injuries you may experience after being involved in one of these accidents, including those to the head, neck, spinal cord and back. Some of these injuries may heal quickly, while others linger and may be catastrophic in nature.

An experienced personal injury lawyer can help.

Soon after your accident, after you have seen a doctor, be sure to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney. A skilled lawyer helps you pursue the maximum amount of compensation possible, working with negligent parties and their insurance companies or taking your case to court, if needed. It’s important not to admit any degree of fault for an accident before you speak with a legal professional, and never feel pressured to accept a quick settlement from an insurance company. When you need a firm that has decades of experience handling personal injury cases, call on us.

Consult a knowledgeable Ocean County personal injury lawyer

To set up an appointment with a member of our skilled team of attorneys, call Berry, Sahradnik, Kotzas & Benson, P.C. at 732-349-4800 or contact us online today. We proudly serve clients across the state of New Jersey from our conveniently located office in Toms River.